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We are committed to providing families with the absolute highest quality of care by combining principled chiropractic care with the newest technology.

We look to raise the understanding of health and wellness to a level that allows our members to live a life that is harmonious with their own desires.

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your second visit

your first visit

After you have scheduled your first and second visits, we will send you paperwork to fill out before your first visit. Be sure to be as detailed as possible since this will be the starting point for your health journey.

before your first visit

before first visit

what to expect

your second visit

your first visit

Your first visit is our chance to sit down with you face to face and dive into your health needs and goals. We will work to connect and dig deep into any concerns you may have about the current state of your health. After the face to face consultation, we will perform a thorough neuro-spinal assessment with a head to toe physical examination.
By utilizing our State-Of-The-Art CLA Insight Scanning Technology, we will be able to really dive into the needs of your nervous system and pin-point challenged areas.

After the first visit, Dr. Reily will take all of the information he has gathered and form a personalized care plan based on your needs and goals.

your first visit

what to expect

before first visit

your second visit

your first visit

The second visit will bring you back for a report with Dr. Reily where he will discuss your results and your individualized plan.

This visit is where your journey to a new state of health will begin. At the conclusion of this visit will be your first chance to get adjusted.

your second visit

before first visit

what to expect

Dr Reily has been amazing from treating me while pregnant to now treating my baby. I’ve felt a huge amount of relief and my little one, who at first was not able to move his head to the left nor keep his hands down, is now able to do both of those things.
I would 100% recommend Dr Reily!

"I can’t imagine seeing anyone else."


Going to Origin has been a life changing experience for me. Dr. Reily took the time to explain how chiropractic can help with my back pain from pregnancy and I am already feeling the difference. I can't forget to mention how wonderful Jamee is at the front desk! Always so flexible and friendly! I am so thankful for Origin Chiropractic! The cherry on top is how inviting and beautiful the inside is.

"Overall, 10/10 recommend!"


Dr. Reily is great! He made me feel heard, he’s easy to talk to, and he was so great at educating me. The office is incredibly kid friendly. I’m able to go for an adjustment, and let my baby run around and play with the sweet receptionist.

"I will recommend this office to anyone I know."


We LOVE Dr Reily and Jamee at Origin! We are always greeted by name and with big smiles! I have been taking our newborn since he was 8 days old and felt so confident handing him to Dr Reily which was a big step for my mama heart!

He is absolutely amazing with kids, the whole environment is so family friendly!

"11/10 stars :)"


The adjustments that Dr. Reily performs have helped my nervous system undertake this very taxing work that my body is doing — developing a human. Dr. Reily quickly addresses my discomforts and has made pregnancy much more comfortable than I could imagine. Just a few of the symptoms that he’s addressed are: sinus issues, pelvic pain, and I’m now able to sleep on my right side after a few years of not being able to do so!

Dr. Reily is approachable, easy to talk to, and wants to address your symptoms — even the ones that seem unrelated to chiropractic care. Jamee, who schedules patients and probably does more than we know, is very patient and kind to work with! Thank you both, Dr. Reily and Jamee! Our family is very thankful for both of you.

"I can honestly say that my pregnancy would not be the same without Origin Chiropractic!"


I’ve been to a chiro before and didn’t get out of it what I had hoped, but Dr Reily in the just a few weeks of seeing him has had me feeling SO much better. I honestly feel like I walk taller after each session. I’m sleeping thru the night!! Dr Reily and his staff are amazing and such a joy to see and chat with.

The atmosphere is very welcoming, positive and always smells good! I can’t wait to see what the rest of my sessions bring!

"Thank you!!!"


Dr. Reily is AWESOME. I came to him 37 weeks pregnant, in horrible pain where my other chiropractor could not help me. He thoroughly explained all the tests completed at the first appointment, and got me out of pain.

He came up with a detailed care plan of how he would correct my issues as well as get my body prepared for labor, and into postpartum care. Many of the common pains & stresses of pregnancy on my pelvis/lumbar are relieved, my body is relaxed, and I feel so cared for by his team!

I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a chiropractor, especially for prenatal care. I will be getting my little one adjusted as soon as he is out and continuing my wellness plan with him as well.

"Come see him if you want relief!"


Dr. Reily goes above and beyond to assess and discuss a patient’s concerns, needs and treatment options.

The education component alone is worth the time to meet with him. Dr. Reily has been working with our baby since he was a month old. It’s great when you partner with a doctor who takes a holistic approach to your child’s growth and development as much as you do.

The office space is warm, clean and inviting. My nephew loves hanging out in the kids play space while he waits on us to finish the adjustments. Ms. Jamee does an amazing job of keeping everything organized and flowing along smoothly. I really appreciate their communication and responsiveness. 

"Thanks for all you do team!"


When I moved to Collin County, I was already 3 months pregnant and actively looking for a chiropractor that would fit my situation. After a little trial and error with another office up the road, I found Origin Chiropractic and couldn't be happier with not only the kindness and transparency of Jamee and Dr. Reily but the overall confidence I feel going into the office each week.

It also leaves me feeling so much more in tune with my own body & plan as I get closer to my due date. I know this is also a place I will bring my little one when they are here! I see Dr. Reily work on parents and babies most every appointment. 

"If you've read this far, you've already made your decision."


We started taking our daughter to Dr. Reily after she complained of not being able to hear well and having fluid build up in her left ear. She is pretty timid with new people, and that proved true with Dr. Reily and Mrs. Jamee. However, they were so patient with her, and she has since opened up and loves going to see Dr. Reily! She especially loves getting stickers from Mrs. Jamee ☺️

 Her hearing problem has resolved, and she loves getting her “popcorns popped” now. We are so glad we found such a great fit at Origin Chiropractic for our family! 

"Their team is such a huge asset to Princeton!"


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